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Why Outsource Your Project

1. Cost savings
Your business can already save up to 40% of total development costs when working with a digital team remotely instead of hiring developers in-house. We charge only $10 per hour. Try our free trial to test our services.

2. Focus on your business
As I mentioned before, it’s our business to bring your web project to life. We will do everything (almost ;)) to meet your needs. Thanks to that, you can rest assured and take care of what you do the best – running your startup and focusing on your core business processes.

3. Experts in their fields
The power of a talented and experienced development team is unmatched. By outsourcing your app development, you haven’t to worry about yours and your fresh-employed developer’s knowledge. A software house you’ll hire has probably been doing it for years. At WebQSolutions we know what’s sexy in the tech world right now and use digital solutions that will kick start your business.

4. Devs personal development
When it comes down to in-house developers’ knowledge, if you hire your development team, you have to take care of their personal growth. Thus, I return to the subject of the previous point – costs. Developers in software houses have to be up-to-date. To do not strike out, we continually invest in courses, conferences, workshops, books, etc. for our devs and Project Managers. The team has to learn perpetually about new technologies and we bear the brunt of it. Even if you want to engage your in-house developers, at WebQSolutions, we’ll provide great workshops for them.

5. Days off
One of your dev is sick and your lifeline, Marry, who could pinch-hit him, is on her maternity leave! You just think that your startup is going to collapse. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Another advantage of outsourcing your development process is the fact that, as I mentioned it a few times already (and I probably will again), this is software house who takes care of continuity of work. End of story!

6. Multidisciplinary choice of the right technology
It’s a significant benefit of full-stack outsourcing companies. You can freely take advantage of whole dev team’s knowledge while working on the best solutions or solving problems, because of which development process has stalled.

7. Dealing with B2B contracts
Dealing with the contracts or agreements of outside software house is much easier than dealing with the hiring and other HR issues involved with employees. If you’re not happy about our work, you can easily break our agreement without involving labour law.

8. Not only developers
I know, techies are extremely important (and snazzy!). But many other people help you boost your web project. I mean, don’t forget about QAs, who will detect all bugs with their watchful eyes, PMs, whose job is to keep in check all this band of programmers as well as UX designers, who will take care of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure. And of course hiring all these people requires money and time. So, the next advantage of outsourcing software development is the fact that you (usually, at least in the case of best software houses) have all people you need in one place.

9. Responsibility
And coming back to ‘your business, our problem‘.

10. Time rules the tech world
Think of the weekly hours it will take to manage in-house staff, taking away from the time you can spend on your business and networking. You don’t have to deal with typical headaches involved with recruiting (that usually takes a looooot of time), retaining and overseeing your team because that’s what outsourcing companies handle every day. You don’t have to waste your precious time on accustoming some new blood on your board. And startup founders, you know it best – the faster you’ll show up on the market with a final cutting-edge digital product the better. Time is money; everybody knows that.

We charge only USD 10 per hour for any php and WordPress project. email me or call me here : 00919564739949

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Why Do You Need to Do SEO?

According to Netcraft there are almost 644 millions of active website running on the surface. Almost 1,11,000 eCommerce websites are popped up from 2014 to 2018 which are generating revenue. Now let me ask you how many websites do you know among this? Only a 10 or 20 may be. Now, the question arises here is, how they are coming to your search when you are finding a specific product on internet; how they are generating revenue; how they are making sale. Here comes the term SEO.

Having a website only gives you ’body’ where doing SEO for your website gives the oxygen to survive in this high competition market. If you want to show your site to your targeted customers/audience to tell them about your service/product you have to have some SEO done with your website. SEO brings traffic, improves your online presence and helps to achieve the ultimate goals of your website. Without SEO a website is nothing but a living dead.

Get a New WordPress website + SEO for 6 months!

Are you planning to start a new online Business?
We have the Complete Package for YOU! We will help you to achieve your business goals. We will not just create the perfect website for you, but we will also give you market research, business strategy, marketing plan, ad idea and the most important is, generating leads for your business.

You will get everything at one place!

Plan 1: Startup Website

The Perfect WordPress website for your startup within your budget with 6 moths SEO program. In this model you generate some revenue first and then re-invest to scale up your business. It will give your business a boost to bring traffics and helps to determine your next move in your business model.

Price: $900

  • $300 for website
  • $600 for SEO 6 months


What you get:

  • Your WordPress website.
  • SEO service for 5 keywords.
  • Google Ranking.
  • Leads from 3rd month.


 Website Features:

  • Mobile Optimized.
  • 100% Unique.
  • Easy to use.
  • Custom Header
  • Photo Gallery
  • Page Content
  • Embedded YouTube videos
  • Social Media Optimizations
  • Google Ranking
  • Google Analytics
  • Contact forms
  • Ownership


SEO Features:

  • 5 Keywords search
  • Basic Website optimizations
  • 1 SEO article
  • Basic link building
  • Monthly reports
  • Establishing objectives

Plan 2: Custom Website

Are you an entrepreneur? Have you decided to build your dream website? Tell us your expectation and we will build your dream into reality. In this model, you give us your requirements and we will make the SCOPE OF WORK(SOW) first. Once the SOW is decided we will move onto modules for your website. Don’t worry about cost because you can also buy block of hours instead of paying for the whole project. Plan 2 will systematize your business in such a way that you will not only get a 27*7 online salesman but you will be also able to manage your business back-office and goals in a proper way.


  • $10 Per Hour Only(WordPress and PHP)
  • SEO as per your requirements.


What you get:

  • Your WordPress website.
  • SEO service for 5 keywords.
  • Google Ranking.
  • Leads from 3rd month.


Website Features:

  • Custom Features, custom design.
  • Custom Inventory Management.
  • Custom Employee Management.
  • Custom Product Management.
  • Custom Sales Management.
  • Custom User Management.
  • CRM, Easy Admin.
  • Multi-vendor, Multi store.
  • Customize Existing extension.
  • Shipping Management.
  • Payment Gateways.
  • Mobile Optimized.
  • Multi lingual Page Content.
  • Embedded YouTube videos, Social Media Optimizations.
  • Google Ranking, Google Analytics, W3C.
  • Secured from SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Daniel of Service attack etc.
  • 24*7 support.


SEO Features:

  • Desired keywords search
  • Lead generation from first month.
  • Full website optimizations
  • SEO articles
  • Premium Link building
  • Monthly reports
  • Establishing objectives
  • Website analysis
  • Back-link report
  • Competitor research
  • Guest posting
  • Weekly traffic report


See this table to understand the SEO packages for Plan 1 for 3 and 6 months basis:

6 months 3 months
WP website $300 USD + SEO(5 Key) $600 USD Total = $900
WP website $300 USD + SEO(5 Key) $300 USD Total = $600
WP website $300 USD + SEO(10 Key) $1000 USD Total = $1300
WP website $300 USD + SEO(10 Key) $550 USD Total = $850
WP website $300 USD + SEO(15 Key) $1600 USD Total = $1900
WP website $300 USD + SEO(15 Key) $750 USD Total = $1050
WP website $300 USD + SEO(25 Key) $2200 USD Total = $2500
WP website $300 USD + SEO(25 Key) $950 USD Total = $1250


WhatsApp: +91 9564739949
Skype: 9564739949



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custom wordpress development company

Design a User-Friendly E-Commerce Store with Magento Theme Design and Development Company

magento ecommerce development Company

Are you interested in joining the present trend of e-commerce store? But have a limited budget? Choose a Magento theme design and development company, as Magento, offers the right platform for creating e-commerce store within a limited budget. It is the most powerful and advanced open source web application that allows implementing latest features in e-commerce stores. In fact, this platform offers maximum customization features which you won’t get anywhere else. This development platform covers almost all aspects that an e-commerce store owner requires to launch his website in today’s competitive market.

Features of Magento web development

  • Multi-site functionality

This is an exclusive feature of Magento web development that initiates multi-site functionality on a single domain which means, e-commerce store owners can develop multiple websites on their own unique domain.

  • SEO functionality

In order to get good rank in search engine results, SEO functionality is the prime factor which you will get only in Magento.

  • Innovative features

At Magento development platform, you will get all features that you need to start a standard e-commerce store. Here, you will get product catalogue browsing, product search filter, secure payment gateway, promotional tools and many more.

These are just a few to mention here. There are innumerable features available on this platform that you can add to your e-commerce store. So, if you are thinking of entering into the online business, come to Webqsolutions. We are one of the leading Magento theme design and development company.

Not only this, we are also popularly known as an efficient WordPress development company who create sophisticated yet user-friendly websites that enhance their appearance in respect of responsiveness and performance. So what are you waiting for? Hire our efficient developers today!

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magento ecommerce development Company

Why you should Hire Magento Development Company for Your Website?

magento ecommerce development Company

Why is Magento Development Company the first choice of most of the clients? Nowadays, Magento is recommended for an effective e-Commerce website. Now let’s back to the question. Why you should consider Magento at the first place. There are many factors working behind this preference such as:


You would be glad to know that the Magento community edition is absolutely free. It is an open sourced platform. Therefore, an open source web developer can utilize Magento in the making of an e-Commerce website. Being open source is the biggest advantage as it reduces the cost of website development significantly.


It is always ready to use standard e-commerce modules and plug-in. Almost all the content management systems need to integrate for commerce feature while Magento marks a huge departure from these platforms as it comes up with ready to use modules and plug in just like the inventory management, chart, dashboard, customer segmentation, advanced suppliers and shipping options etc.

Flexible to integrate:

All the business owners look for uniqueness, something new and interesting. Uniqueness leads to customizations. There is a number of ready-made third-party plug-ins to help satisfy the requirements of the customers. Magento has the capacity of integrating multiple plug-ins easily.

Templates number:

There are plenty of templates available at the Magento stores. You can find a wide range of templates offering the facilities to select one suitable for the purpose.

Mobile friendly:

In this digital era, a website is worthless if it is not mobile-friendly. The e-Commerce software of Magento is blessed with the capacities to make a website mobile friendly.

These reasons are enough to go for Magento. If you are in search of a reliable website development company, WebQ Solutions is ready to help you out.

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wordpress plugin development comppany

Key Advantages of Using WordPress for Custom Website Designing and Development

WordPress has been one of the most revolutionary inventions in the sphere of website design and development, especially for the do-it-yourself entrepreneurs. Both time-saver and cost-effective, it offers a wide array of plugins and functionalities.

However, for someone who does not have much time to operate it, he can entrust a professional web developer with this job. Here are some of the benefits offered by WordPress.

Great accessibility

With an intuitive interface WordPress largely caters to the needs of clients by making its software quite easily accessible. Be it formatting a new page or adding blogs and images, it ensures a fuss-free execution. However, if you are not much acquainted with its latest model, you can contact a trustworthy wordpress development company and hire their team to do the job.

Plenty of design templates and themes

While WordPress presents a list of choices in designs and themes, it also allows the user to work on custom designs. With custom website designing services, offered by the expert developers, you can certainly create the most appealing website for your company that not only conveys the uniqueness of your brand but also come cheap on your pocket.


The plugins coming with it as a part of the package make it convenient for the users to pursue SEO works and uploads. WordPress increases functionality and allows frequent updates. With a well structured content and professional layout and design, you can take your website to highest ranking and generate more leads. In fact, Google has also gone on record as recommending WordPress for professional and business websites.

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2 Popular Myths about Website Design and Development Busted Here

custom web development

It’s not unnatural to be tricked by some age old notions about website designing, if you are setting up a company online for the first time. But worry not. Here we are presenting two of the most familiar myths that the entrepreneurs seem to still believe in.

The more the features the better the design

Your website is not a place where you can put together all your ideas and features at the same time, since it will only crowd your webpage and create a very bad impression on your clients. Instead, a less complex website with sober design can bring forth the primary message quite well. For this you must focus on the most important features that can satisfy your users with simple yet great brand experience.

Get in touch with a well-experienced website design and development company for more informative details on this.

Design can cure everything

It is true that a great design can attract the end-users but it cannot guarantee better traffic and leads for your website. Just as the wrong use of colors, fonts or layouts can make for a bad user journey; the lack of good and well thought-out content can lower the rate of leads and result in poor conversation rates between clients and users. So, make sure that the content is as catchy and relatable as the design. You should also take note of the proper application of software that can make your site easily accessible for the visitors. For all of this you can trust the expertise of a reputed web development php company and make a deal today.

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Top Rated Features and Functions of WordPress Beneficial for Any Website Deevelopment

custom wordpress development companyIt is true that for some time WordPress has been internationally viewed as a “blog” software. But with its additional features and functions coming to terms gradually, we can find more benefits that for our website development. So, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional web developer, you would love to check out some of the basic yet the most effective functionalities of WordPress.

Saves money

Balancing your website as well as your budget can be a tricky stuff for most, but not for you. If you install WordPress on your site, you can somewhat manage certain aspects on it such as posting new blogs or changing the view of the webpage. You can even make edits if you think required on a few things such as photos, texts and videos in no time.

Design consistency

WordPress follows a thematic approach for designs and standard layouts. For instance, once you choose a custom wordpress design for the unique branding of your site, it will be stored in your file history so that the visitors can experience a consistent look and feel of your website, no matter how many times you change or edit blogs and add pages. The consistency in design will keep your user focused on the message that you want to spread out rather than get distracted by its multiple layouts.

Flexible on search engine platforms

Since WordPress is a self-driven platform, it does not require any HTML editing software like Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute. This cms website development software allows an individual to format text, build new blogs and pages, upload documents, image galleries, video files and so on without requiring any FTP or HTML software and coding system for additional support.

Mobile readiness

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Best 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider WordPress for Your Website Development

local companies that build drupal sites

Ever since its evolution, WordPress has become one of the most popular choices for website developers. Due to its cost-effective and simple accessibility, it has made the work of updating a non-blogging website much easier. Here are some exclusive reasons why you should go for this content management system. Take a look!


Of all the website building software WordPress is the most useful and most easily accessible. You can add new blogs, home pages, images and so on all by yourself or hire a wordpress web development company and tell them your ideas to enhance the looks of your webpage on frequent intervals without spending too much of a time. Since the technology itself is quiet fast and uncomplicated, the time required for formatting is not as much as you may experience with other software.


This is the probably the best thing about WordPress that it gives enough liberty to operate the software from any browser and computer system. No matter where you are or which computer or browser you are using, you can simply log in with your ID and password to any device and thus manage your website.

Allows more control to your site

With WordPress the power for custom web development comes right at your hand. Now every time your website requires new updates, you do not have to hire a professional to do it. You can manage almost every aspect of your site all by yourself without spending a large sum of money.

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Best 3 Design Ideas for Ecommerce Website Development

custom wordpress development company

In today’s date as the competition grows tougher amongst the ecommerce company holders, more and more designing trends are coming into existence so that everyone gets a chance to be updated. Plus, there’s the pressure of generating effective traffic and leads to the site.

However, if you are also intending to see your website in the most-searched category on internet, here are some design ideas that the website developers are providing with.

Different sorts of designs

The digital service providers are adapting to the new trends and concepts of ecommerce website design and development. For instance, they are making use of several types of designs and material design is one of them. It is the vibrant, content-based style that adds a playful, unified touch to the experience of the end-to-end users. That’s not all. Rich animation, large and bold typography, card design and amazing background styles are some of the most extraordinary design trends that are fast adopted by the ecommerce companies.

Dynamic search

Dynamic search is the most prominent design trend which is created, keeping in mind of the requirements of those online retail sites that have large inventory of products. Basically what it does is, it shows all the items in a dynamic way with the application of JavaScript and Ajax, offering a refined view of your entire website. You can also ask for

Hidden menus

The hidden menus are mainly created to de-clutter the junk from your website and make it look clean and fresh to the viewers. Though initially designed to be used on mobiles, they have made their way to the larger screen of desktop computers and laptops. With the custom website designing services you can decide the style of the navigation menus and thus manage screen space and time for your site both on small and large screens.

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Merits and Demerits of Using Drupal for Website Development

custom website designing services

Drupal has become quite popular amongst the web developers and bloggers, ever since its inception as a Content Management System platform. But despite its advantages, there are some disadvantages to using it for website development. Check out all of them.

  • Merits 

Variations in content 

With drupal website development you can make use of different modules like blogs, polls and even videos to add life and freshness to the content of your site. Great content with some variations in its presentation increases the authenticity of the website and thus encourages better traffic to the site making it feature on the top lists of search engines.

Plenty options in tools and templates 

Drupal is the best solution for creating a fully functional website that can acts as a perfect user interface. With advanced tools and thousands of templates made available by the experienced web developers, promoting your brand name among the majority of your target clients does not seem so difficult. All you have to do is contact a well reputed custom wordpress development company that offers drupal services at affordable prices with expert supervision.

Easy to operate 

Drupal makes it easier for handling a site with its well-structured themes. Developers can comfortably categorize the blog posts by listing them so that they can build a well-maintained website for you.

  • Demerits

Lacking efficiency 

In comparison with some other open source software systems such as WordPress, it fails to offer similar accuracy of performance and efficiency. Due to the large breadth of tools used for this, drupal takes a bit more time than others for the site to get loaded. The slow functioning can appear quite disappointing for the users.

Incompatibility with other software 

Since it has been currently developed CMS, it cannot work with other software. As a result, it turns out to be incompatible on some platforms.

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